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“Yakult is something I grew up with as a kid in Taiwan. The general consensus is that Yakult is a "healthy" drink from Japan that you have as a digestive aid. You always buy them in bulk and refrigerate them cool. You consume a tiny 65ml of Yakult by removing its foil lid or stick a straw through the lid to drink it. But through out the times, kids invented their own ways to drink it. I did it by biting a small hole in the bottom and sucked on it, like shotgunning a beer; some freeze them, then to make Yakult popsicles.

No matter how you drink it, one thing is for sure; you never, never, ever drink just one. You drink it until your tummy hurts, and when your mom checks the fridge she will always be mad at you for drinking a whole week’s worth of Yakult. I blame it on the super small size, though it is the reason why it tastes so much better. They made a bigger size of Yakult later on, but it didn’t sell well.”