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Chang Market ร้านช้าง
3/50 Park Rd,
Cabramatta NSW 2166

“Whenever we’d visit family up in Sydney we’d often be found at Chang Market (ร้านช้าง). It’s hidden in the armpit of a carpark on the outer fringes of the Cabramatta shopping precinct, and it somehow became the family rendezvous point. It was one of the very few Lao/Thai grocers around, so it oddly felt like home.

YUPI Burger candy could always be found in the ‘party bags’ given out to kids at birthday parties. It became a snack staple. There’s no greater pleasure than biting into a 1:10 scale gummy burger, or peeling away each layer and eating it like you were a bourgeois giant. Because YUPI often made gummy-versions of American food, I always thought it was from the ‘States, but it’s not until recently I discovered that YUPI was an Indonesian brand. Now I like them even more, despite the White Imperialism.”