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家樂福 Jialefu Supermarket
1/181-183A Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW 2220

“Mouthwatering. Creamy. Rice paper? These thoughts formed in my child brain after my family ate at a Chinese restaurant in Hurstville. Whilst paying for the bill, my mum noticed a bowl of White Rabbit candy next to the cash register. She offered one each to my sister and I. I untwisted the iconic blue and white wrapping paper. I was about to place the white, mysterious candy into my mouth, when I noticed a thin film coating it. I lost some street cred as I tried to peel it off until my sister smugly told me it was edible rice paper. And so the tradition of finishing our evening with a White Rabbit candy from the bowl that always sat next to the cash register began. I was a small child, so I could barely see or touch the bowl. But I would always reach for it with the promise of a milky White Rabbit candy.” 

Eating Tips: Don’t remove the rice paper coating!