NO. 85



“I remember the first time coming here because my friends kept raving on about how legendary their laksa is. Some of them coined it as the best laksa in Sydney. Big words. So of course, I had to try (mostly because I wanted to prove them wrong). From the outside it doesn’t look or seem like much. But during the lunchtime rush, the huge line of people says otherwise. Their laksa is what people say it is, damn good and pretty special. My fondest memories are coming here with my friends. Bantering, complaining about the daily grind, talking about life and all of this paired with a delicious laksa in front of us. I don’t live in Sydney anymore and I barely remember what the fit out of the restaurant looks like despite being there so many times. But I do remember a warm glow, my stomach growling, my nose is runny from the spice and how nice that food can bring people together like this. I miss this, a lot. Oh ya, their chicken laksa is the bomb dot com.”

Malay Chinese Takeaway
1/50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000