NO. 69



“Bánh xèo was one of my grandma's specialty dishes. It's sometimes described as a Vietnamese savoury pancake or crepe, but in my opinion neither of these descriptions really do justice to the dish! 3 Miền (formerly known as Thy Eatery) is famous for their ridiculously huge bánh xèo and is one of my family’s very favourite places to eat in Bankstown. The bright yellow bánh xèo is unbelievably thin and crispy, filled with a traditional filling of bean sprouts, prawn, and sliced pork belly, and topped with a generous heaping of fresh greens and herbs like tía tô (purple perilla), kinh giới (Vietnamese lemon balm), and mint. It’s an eat-with-your-hands experience, and designed for sharing! To eat it, tear off a piece of the bánh xèo, wrap it in some of the herbs and lettuce, and dip into the sweet and salty nước chấm - each mouthful is so fresh, flavourful, and balanced, and is a perfect example of what I love about Vietnamese food!”

Quan 3 Mien
1/324 Chapel Road, Bankstown, NSW 2200