NO. 57



“Being born and raised in Box Hill, home of Melbourne’s largest Chinese population, and in my opinion the best place on planet earth, here’s my contribution and dedication to my home away from home, David & Camy’s.

Anytime me and my friends catch up it’s most likely at David and Camy’s. The place was always so packed, you’d have to yell to be heard. Me and my friends would order a plate of dumplings for each eyeball we had and yell over one another until we were the last ones in the restaurant. I would always order the vegetarian dumplings, and in true, basic, white boy fashion, I’d elegantly complement the dish with a can of coke. It was heaven. Dunk the dumplings in a tone of soy sauce and chilli and I can die happy. Having since left Box Hill, whenever I return to David & Camy’s it feels like I’m back home. I really love that place.”

David & Camy Dumpling Restaurant 605 Station St, Box Hill, Victoria, 3128