NO. 49



“When I first moved to Melbourne with my family in '95 we heard of this magical place called Victoria Street in Richmond, full of reasonably priced Asian restaurants. An exciting concept for us where, in New Zealand at the time, eating Roast Duck at a Chinese Restaurant was a special occasion treat. The family went for Sunday dinner and with no idea which place to choose, we went to the restaurant right in front of where we parked the car. We all ordered roast duck on rice which was $5 a plate. Since that night we continued to go back to that same restaurant every fortnight for the next 15 years! The waitress called my Dad "Uncle." We affectionately called it "Our favourite restaurant" as we did not know how to pronounce the name (It was called Minh Xuong, still operating in the CBD and Preston). The Richmond branch has since closed but this remains one of my favourite dishes. I currently recommend Roast Duck Inn in Box Hill for the best in the business. Cantonese flavours have always been the most comforting to me, and this is a perfect combination of crispy skin, juicy meat, salty/sweet sauce, the fullness of rice and veggies and tea and simple broth to wash down the oily palette.”

Roast Duck Inn
29-31 Carrington Rd, Box Hill, Victoria 3128