NO. 38



“Trinity / Pin Oak Bakehouse has a super special place in my heart. It’s right ‘round the corner from my work at Crucible Tattoo and one of my very favourite places to go. I think the only place i’ve ever been to where they recognise me and ask ‘the regular???’. I’ve always wanted that.

My regular is the Chilli Beef Banh Mi with everything, sometimes with a giant Vietnamese ice coffee on the side if i’m feeling frisky. The woman who runs the cafe is a beautiful ray of sunshine, always greets you with a huge smile and has a chat. The food is delicious, great veggie and vegan options, and a banh mi is only $6.50

The last tattoo flash day we had we ordered probably 20 banh mi to keep us going, tattooing from 11am to 9pm. I’m really missing tattooing and the cute community and all the amazing food in Flemmo & Kenzo. can’t wait to get back to it.”

Trinity / Pin Oak Bakehouse
38 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington 3031