NO. 37



“For all the times you think 'f*ck I wish I was in Japan'... this is the spot to fill that gap. Just outside the heart of Carlton, this humble mum and dad run, Japanese eatery is cooking up some wholesome food for the soul. The space is small and welcoming, ordering is made easy by the hand drawn menu on the wall, with all the traditional Japanese classics like the Oyako Don and Katsu Curry — My go to is the Tekka Don. Made up of tuna sashimi & rice, topped with cucumber, avocado, tobiko, teriyaki salmon as well as condiments of wasabi, soy sauce and ginger. Each ingredient with minimal intervention, simple, delicious and reminds me of times in Japan. Wash it down with a bottle of Chi, or bowl of miso, you will have your Japan fix and you're good to go.”

Sushi Ten 
178 Rathdowne St, Carlton VIC 3053