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Hinoki Japanese Pantry
279 Smith Street,
Fitzroy, VIC, 3065

“Meiji’s melty kiss chocolate is a treat that filled my childhood with happy memories and magic. It was only available to purchase in Taiwan during the winter months because the other months were too hot for shipment. So once a year, my mom would buy 2 boxes for me and my sister. The boxes had beautiful gold foil emboss on it; I would trace the embossed character on top, carefully open the box and pop them into my mouth. The outside of the chocolate is covered by a very fine cocoa powder, so fine and soft, just like snow. Once the coating melts away, the rich flavor of the chocolate itself would hit you – BAM – and then melt away. IT'S JUST SOOO GOOD!
 I usually rationed it and tried not to finish them too quickly, because if I did, I would have to wait till next year to taste the magic again!”