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Waterloo Hanho Korean Grocery
5 Potter St, Waterloo NSW 2017

After-school teatime is definitely my favourite moment as a child. As soon as I got home after a long school day, I would sit in front of the TV and start watching some fascinating cartoons while having some delicious snacks. Out of all snacks that I had, the most memorable one must be the Lotte Ggoggal corn (Korean Bulges). Not only because of its corny and salty taste but also because of its iconic ‘horn’ shape. As a child, it was so fun to put the Ggoggal corn on each finger (like ‘finger hats’), and then eat them one by one from my fingertips. Even nowadays, whenever I get a bag of Ggoggal corns, I will still try and see if they fit onto my fingers.

The Waterloo Hanho Korean Grocery is a welcoming grocery store, and it stocks a range of Lotte Ggoggal corn (and some of the flavours are ones I have never tried before). Even though I don’t know how to read Korean, the shopkeepers are always very helpful and offer to help me find the things that I need (and they give you some secret tips to enjoy their food too!).”