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Dong Thinh International Food Store
411 High St,
Preston VIC 3072

“It’s a hot summer’s day and you’re on the hunt for a refreshing treat. You check the freezer but just like the last time, there’s nothing there. You stare a little longer this time, determined to find anything half decent to quench your thirst. Suddenly, from the corner of your eye you see a tiny speck of that iconic teal. You take a closer look and peeking in the back of the freezer is a cup of sweet frozen coconut juice.You have two options: let it thaw or use the flimsy two-pronged fork to chip through the rock hard ice. You go with option two. After what feels like hours of scraping, the drink reaches the perfect slushie-like consistency. Your luck hasn’t run out just yet - the fork is still intact. You use it to fish out some of that sweet coconut flesh. Life is good.”