A quick scroll down Dan Hong’s instagram and you’ll see a recurring theme of extravagent meals decorated with caviar and truffles, but it’s obvious more than anything, the down-to-earth chef has an affinity for his humble Asian restaurants. With a slew of celebrated institutions under his belt (Mr Wong, El Loco, Lotus and many other local favourites), the Merivale Executive Chef and host of SBS’ The Chefs’ Line gave us his top recommendations for Asian eats in Sydney.

Combination Noodle Soup
from Happy Chef

“I order the #1 ‘Combination Noodle Soup’ but actually it’s a Phnom Penh style Cambodian clear noodle soup with magical healing properties. Happy Chef in Sussex Food Court is known for its elixir of life – the clear broth. It also has pork mince, pork blood jelly, pork pattie, pork intestines, dried shrimp, pork liver and hearts and a king prawn. You can choose your own noodles but the thin pad thai noodles are my fave. Sometimes I add extra beef tripe and tendons. Perfect for a hangover.”

Live Marron Char Koay Teow
from Ho Jiak Haymarket

“Hojiak has easily the best CKT in Sydney. Perfect wok hei, lots of crispy pork lard and also authentic cockles! And when chef Junda started putting Marron on the menu, I asked if I could have a marron CKT. The rest is history.”

Fish Salt Ramen
from Chaco Ramen

“Easily my favourite Ramen in Sydney. Chef Keita makes a killer tonkotsu – half chicken and pork, its not too rich and super umami..for the fish salt, he seasons with bonito powder and high quality salt. Firm noodles too. absolutely delicious.”

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