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Eastwood Mart
73 Rowe St,
Eastwood NSW 2122

“If you've ever been to Eastwood, then you've been to Eastwood Mart. And if you've been to Eastwood Mart, you've most likely loitered outside on a balmy summer's night snacking on an ice-cream. The question of what ice-cream tastes best under the local supermarket's fluorescent glow is one that is as divisive as it is complimentary. Favourites like the refreshing Melona and the creamy Samanco instantly come to mind. However, for my money, I'll go with the Corn Ice-Cream. I know a giant ice-cream sprinkled with pieces of hard kernels, encased in a semi-soggy wafer, and shaped like a corn cob doesn't necessarily sound appetizing. Still, something about this dessert's sugary alchemy works. As you take that first bite, the sensation will whisk you to a cornfield soaked in the afternoon sun—the cool breeze brushing against your cheeks, nose filled with the sweet smell of unharvested corn. The only thing that will bring you back is the faint smell of cigarettes and honking traffic (Eastwood's car spaces are few and far between).”